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I used cloth diapers all the time for Christian, but have not been as faithful at using them for the twins.  In fact, I haven't used them since March, and I don't even know why, I just got out of the habit.  So I have these wonderful cloth diapers sitting around, and I'm offering them to you or someone you know!
All diapers are used, but only for a few months.  They are clean too!

gDiapers for sale: originally $15-18.  I am selling for $10 each.  If you buy 6, I'll give them to you for $9 each.  I have 12, 6 of each color.  
Size MEDIUM (13-28 pounds).
I'll ship them for a flat rate of $5 (or hand deliver if you're close enough!).
2 colors: orange blossom and creamsicle
(aka: orange and cream)
Just look at these chunky monkeys!
-Since they are used, you can expect minor wear and tear.  One or two of the liners that have yellowed slightly, and one of the snap "ribbons" is fraying slightly at the end.  Neither of these things affect the use, and if you use them, you'll add your own wear and tear.
-These are just the diaper covers.  You still need to purchase the cloth insert, found here, or use regular prefolds.

Thanks for considering, and I'd appreciate if you'd pass this information along to someone you know who may be interested in cloth diapers!  And also so you know, I have 2 garage sales coming up and I'm planning on trying to sell them there as well.  Or to anyone else I might meet on the street.  Or the grocery store.  You get the point.  So if you're interested, act fast!
Thanks so much!

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