DIY Drapery Rods

You've seen the finished room, now lets talk about how it got there.  I am always a sucker for full-length drapes... no exceptions here.  I like to hang them much wider than the window (just like everyone else does), and this helps to make the window look larger.  They actually end up being more decorative than functional.  Here's what I was working with:
 I was going to use PVC pipe (like this), across the entire length of the window and extending to the outer walls.  BUT, the PVC didn't come in 12' lengths, and I didn't want a joint in the middle.  I headed to the lumber department and looked at wood rods, but again, only up to 10' long. 

My backup plan was to do short rods on each side of the window.  I'd seen this other places, like this or Beth's living room.  I decided to sacrifice the look of the rod across the top, and in the end, I really liked it!  I had the Lowe's guy cut a 6' wooden rod into 2, 30" pieces.  I bought unfinished wood brackets and some bun furniture feet (all available on an isle-end in the very back of Lowe's).  People, we are talking CHEAP!  One set of finials from the drapery department cost about $10 per pair.  I got a pair for $6-8 (can't find the receipt).  "Real" brackets cost about $10-20 a pair.  I got these unfinished ones for $3/pair.  My rod cost $6.  Spray paint: maybe $3 (and I only used a fraction of it).  Total cost: $27-31.  Folks, this is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than ready-made rods.  And this project was so easy, I may just buy them this way from here on out!  (and just imagine the fun you could have: ANY color rod you want!!! Oh this makes me excited!).
After I brought them home, I applied 2-3 coats of brown spray paint so they looked like this:

Then I drilled a small hole in each end.  I had to use the largest drill bit we had (1/4") and it was a perfect fit.  If you're thinking "I don't know how to drill a hole," you are not alone.  I was actually planning on having Simon do this part, but then I thought "Self, you know how to change the drill bits, you know how to work a drill, you know how to hold the rod steady, you can DO THIS!"  And I did.  (and I secretly enjoyed every moment of drilling bliss).  I just sat at my dining table and let the wood dust fall wherever (it wasn't much, and had very easy cleanup). 
**NOTE: for those of you who get a little ambitious, make sure you put your curtain (or rings) on BEFORE you put both of your finials on!
And here it is all together!

If you like 'em big 'n chunky, you should totally make your own curtain rods. :)
Up next: how I made the drape...


Allison said...

I love these drapes! And the whole lay out... very creative!

Team Tonagel said...

Whoa. You are da bomb!

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