3 in a Tub

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
I've been a busy little bee for the last week and a half.  My parents came to visit and I had a to-do list a mile long.  The primary task was to paint my kitchen and dining room... so I was highly focused on that for a few days (yes, days, these things take a while when you can only work while your children sleep).  I still have a little bit to do, but my parents are gone now, no more live-in babysitters, it will take some planning.  Thanks for your help, mom and dad!

We have a new nightly ritual.  Now that the girls can sit up, bath time has become much easier... and I can do 2 at a time.

Oh wait, make that 3:
They seem to really enjoy it and it makes things easier (for now).  Sorry for the naked pictures.
Here's a picture of our house:
And here's one thankful happy mama:
A quick update on Simon's job.  He has passed the Series 7 (yay!), and has another test this week.  He has been busy studying and preparing for the work ahead (going door to door to find clients).  He will be working out of an office in Hagerstown during this time, and will open his own office within a year or two.  He's about to enter the toughest part of the job (building a client base), but we have to remember that it is only for a time and God is in control.  Your prayers for his success and my sanity (being alone a lot with the kids) are always appreciated.  
In closing, Selah discovered the act of clapping this morning.  Once we got to church, she was clapping when the music started.  Totally made my day.  


Anonymous said...

oh Rachel thanks for the update and the pictures..your kids are getting too big!! they are adorable too..
love and miss you ALL


Team Tonagel said...

Miss those babies and their mama!

Team Tonagel said...

Oh, and Simon, I suppose I miss you too :)

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