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I guess once you take a break from blogging, you sort of get out of the habit.  It's been 3 weeks since we loaded the truck in Indiana.  I don't know whether if feels like 2 days or 2 years ago, but either way, time is passing.  The move went very well and we have some terrific people to thank for all their help!  The kids did pretty well on the drive (it made a huge difference since the girls are now old enough to play with toys!). A big thanks to Simon's parents for flying out to help us pack and make the drive!

We really love our new house!  God answered our prayers and provided a place bigger than we had before and for an affordable price.  And He must know I need a creative outlet: we have the same situation with our landlord as we did in our last house: we can update all we want!  My mind has been busy.

Simon started his new "job" 2 days after we moved in.   His "job" for the next 2 months is to study like crazy to pass the certification test to be a financial advisor.  He showed me some of the stuff he is learning: the words appear to be in English, but I gotta tell ya, the words make no sense.  More power to him.

Another blessing was the my parents happened to be coming to PA the same weekend we were moving in.  So my mom stayed for a week and helped me unpack.  God knows she needed that time with me her grandchildren. 
I haven't had much of a social life lately, but I'm hoping to try a MOPS group next week.  The fact that I pretty much have no friends here will probably start to surface soon.  Right now it still feels like a long vacation and I get to see all my "Marion Mommies" again soon.  Bummer...not so soon.  Regardless, I am getting a lot lot lot of time with my three little munchkins, whom I seem to love more all the time.
CHRISTIAN: is pretty much a little grown up now.  Still working on potty-training.  His smile has changed: it is a lovely thing.
GIRLS: they both got their first teeth within 1 day of each other.  Jadah got the bottom left, Selah the bottom right.  They sit up on their own.  They are never in the same spot if I leave the room and come back.  Folks, we have mobile babies here.  We're adjusting to having a house with 2 stories.  At this point, I'm still carrying both of them up and down, but they're probably about 20 pounds each... might have to come up with a new plan soon.  They're eating pretty well and sleeping just fine.

Okay, it is late.  I need to get some sleep.  I posted a lot of pictures on facebook (easier than choosing a few to put here).  But soon I'll add some pictures of our house so that you can picture us in our new abode.


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cindy said...

oh rACHEL THANKS FOR THE POST! I enjoyed hearing about your life in Maryland.
We miss all of you so very much...I think we shall need to skype soon....
love you all

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