Grey Lake

We knew we wouldn't get a "real" vacation this summer, so my parents decided to take the whole family to a lake house where we could have some fun without having to worry too much about the kids.  It worked out so perfectly!  We were on a small lake with direct access from our back yard, a cute small town just a 5 minute drive away, and I had help with the children, and could get out into the paddle boat or kayaks a few times.  And the dudes got to enjoy the world cup every morning and every afternoon---- oh USA--- you should have won!
The weather was so perfect and we really enjoyed our time together.  What made it even better was that my grandparents were able to stop in (on their way to Alaska nonetheless) and meet the girls.  It was so nice to see them!  And even BETTER was that I took my sewing machine and got to sew a few things for the first time in 4 months.... how delightful!  I refashioned some shirts and sewed my dining room curtains.  Bliss.

The gals hanging out at the lake:

Christian was introduced to lake, sand, boat, and floatie. He loved all.

We got to get a little boating action in as well...

Christian got a toy tractor from greatgrands, Ericka and I got super similar dresses at a super awesome thrift store (which we then wore to go see a movie with our husbands: went to see Prince of Persia, but the projector was broken so we had to see Karate Kid III... yay)... and of course, some card action.

What a great trip we had. Thanks mom and dad!

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Ericka P said...

Hahahaha! Thank you for posting the picture of you playing cards. I could go for some of that R and R and cards rights now. Think we can take a second vacation???

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