I know I know...

...you're wondering how we are doing, right?

Okay so the girls are now 5 weeks old and I can't believe how fast time is going.  I actually don't have time to write now(although all 3 of my kids are sleeping the beautiful day away!), but just wanted to let you know we are well!
So many times during my day I am thinking in blog... meaning, I start writing a post in my head and how it will sound and how you will all love to read it, and of course, I just don't get to it.  So all my stories and thoughts will just have to drift away.
I must say though that Christian is the most AWESOME kid ever.  I am amazed everyday at how helpful and good he is being.  Of course there are those moments when he acts deaf and completely defies me, but for the most part, he's the best.  He's got the most gorgeous brown eyes with thick long dark eyelashes (thanks Simon!).  And Simon and I both agree that Christian has the biggest butt in the world... well, only compared to his sisters.  Ha!

Oh yes, the sisters, I'll mention them quickly before I go do the dishes.  They are getting bigger, hoorah!  Last night was great, they ate at 10:45, 3:45, and 8am.   Yay for sleep!  We'll see if that happens again or not.  Oh, one of them just started crying, time for them to be laid in their crib (they're hanging out in their room together, one in a bouncy seat and one in the seat of my glider!).  I have a ton of pictures I could post, I just need to put them on my computer.  I've barely been checking my email recently, let alone uploading pictures.  In fact, I often wonder what I did during the day: everything pretty much revolves around food.  I'm either feeding them, feeding Christian, eating, or trying to maintain the kitchen mess.  FOOD!  I suppose my full time job right now is keeping 3 kids and 1 adult alive.  Sorry Simon, you're a big boy and are capable of fending for yourself.

Okay, really, time to be productive.  A late happy Easter to you, and yay be glad it's April!  Is it just me or did the winter FLY by?  Fine with me!


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