3.5 Weeks Old

Sorry it's been a few days since I've given an update!  Our parents get after us because a lot of people are asking them for updates... well here's news from the source. :-)
The girls are doing very well!  They were back up to their birth weights by 2 weeks old.  They have been eating every 3 hours around the clock (sometimes going 4 at night).  They go through at least 1 diaper each per feeding... so 16+ diapers per day, not including Christian's! They have been awake a little more each day, but still aren't predictable with sleep/wake patterns.  I used the Babywise (parent-directed-feeding) approach with Christian and loved it, so I'm doing the same with the girls.  The idea is to feed them, have awake time, then nap, repeat all.  It's been a little tricky since they weren't waking up, but I think that is starting to change.  
Simon's mom arrived here on the 17th and her help has been terrific!  She's made us some wonderful meals and spent a lot of time with Christian, in addition to getting up with me during the night to feed the girls.  What a trooper! :)  Simon's dad will join us tonight and be here through the weekend, during which time he will finish our kitchen!!! YAY!  We are more than grateful for all the help they have offered us over the years.  
Simon is handling everything very well.  He enjoys the help because then he doesn't have to get up with me in the night.  But I know he will step up and help a TON when everyone has gone home.  He is almost done making a platform bed for the twin bed we have in Christian's room.  Oh that reminds me!--- I need to take a picture of the bench he made!  It's pretty swell. :)
Also thanks to all the gals who have brought us meals over the past few weeks!!! WOW--- they have been so good and so helpful.  It's so nice to have one less thing to worry about getting done during the day.  I've got enough mouths to feed... every 3 hours!-- haha.  
Here's me with the girls (Jadah on left, Selah on right):

This is the pillow I use to feed them simultaneously: it's quite a sight!
(don't worry, I'm NOT feeding them in this picture...)

My sister was able to visit this past weekend: she was WAY happy to finally meet her nieces:

Two proud Grandmas:
(thanks for all the hours of help!)

Here's Christian enjoying the bouncy seat:
And playing his "key-tar"... this is highly amusing in person!

Here are the girls, snugglin' up:
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Shannon said...

I'm so glad you've had lots of help! They are just so precious and you look great!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for already feeding them at the same time! I didn't get the hang of it till they were 2 months old! And never really got the hang of using the twin pillow...
And you'll be sooo glad you're starting them out doing Babywise. It will save you so much time as far as feeding in the future. It teaches them early on to get themselves to sleep and will be a blessing!

Lindsey Lange said...

Rachel, I love the pictures! I am so glad that things are going well for you guys and that you are getting lots of help. Keep up the great work!

Team Tonagel said...

I was so glad to finally get to hold your precious babies! They are so sweet and you are doing such a wonderful job!

Katie Bush said...

I'm so excited for you! They look beautiful and a lot like Christian did when he was a baby! You look great too. I wish I could come see them, but I'm sure you have enough visitors for now. When I'm up there sometime, I will be sure to call you now!

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