Little Trip to Iowa

Simon, Christian and I made a trip to Iowa for the last 2 days to help my sister Ericka and her husband Josh move into their new apartment. She will be a nurse in the ICU while he attends Palmer School of Chiropractics. They got a place on the 3rd floor without elevators: so the guys really showed off their muscles (and boy was I impressed!).

Here we are before our spaghetti dinner together:
(And yes, Christian is tied to the chair! You do what you can.)

This is Christian sleeping on the way home (we loved those restful moments!):

In other news, Christian is starting to make some friends. This is Gracie, a girl 2 months older than Christian who we were babysitting one night. So cute playing the piano together!:

Christian found an apple I left at too low of an elevation, and to my surprise, he bit right in, and KEPT eating! He ate most of the apple, just walking around chewing. I loved it!:

ALSO: we sold our house! It will be inspected on Monday, so hopefully everything is in proper order. We won't be closing until October, so we will hopefully have time to find a new house (or a place to rent). Your prayers are welcomed.


Team Tonagel said...

How do you have Christian strapped in at the dinner table?! Glad you made it home safely. Christian looks like such a big boy in all the pics!

Simon and Rachel Henry said...

Amy I'm so glad you comment on my blog. :) You're the only one!
We tied him down with a ribbon from one of Ericka's wedding gifts. Actually worked really well! He DOES look big doesn't he?!?! I'm like-- who's kid is that? :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel! :) You have a blog :)

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